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Lets Keep Going!

It's been an incredible couple of weeks since we started this health journey together and I wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you for allowing me to be part of your transformative journey. As we approach the end of your current coaching program, I wanted to explore the possibilities of continuing this journey with you.


I'm here to support you as you step into the next phase of your health and wellness goals.

Renewing your coaching program will not only help you maintain the momentum and progress you've achieved but will also open the door to further exciting opportunities and new milestones.

Fill out the form below to continue your coaching journey! 

Mai Method Continued Coaching
I want to continue with this coaching progam
You understand that any progress you're looking for requires patience, dedication and consistent compliance to achieve?

Thanks for applying!

I will contact you (text/email) if Mai Method 1-1 coaching is the best fit for you.

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