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Boutique Group Classes

Our boutique group classes are exclusively designed for women seeking a personalised and uplifting fitness experience. With a strong emphasis on quality over quantity, we intentionally keep our class sizes small, ensuring our passionate trainers can dedicate time to coach each crew member individually, tailoring their journey for success.

Step into a welcoming community where age and experience know no barriers. Our inclusive environment embraces all, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support among members.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or taking your first step towards fitness, you'll find yourself right at home.

Our classes

  • A great full-body strength & metabolic condition workout!

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  • Strengthen your core & booty

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  • Strengthen your core & upper body muscles

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  • Maintain your health and fitness during your post/prenatal journey

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  • For those who are looking for a sweaty training session.

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“Mai is absolutely incredible! I stumbled on her class in a free trial, and when my hamstrings were sore for days afterwards, I knew she was legit  As I continued to attend classes, I came to look forward to each session, both for the consistent physical challenge and the positive and inspiring community of awesome women. I’ve never been so motivated to exercise. I attended Mai’s classes in the lead up to my wedding and got so many compliments on my physique! You will not regret starting a workout journey with the Mai Method crew!!."


"I absolutely love Mai’s classes. Mai is such an expert and she uses this expertise to create challenging and yet accessible classes. Also, Mai carefully modifies movement to ensure all injuries are catered for, so one can actually use exercise to heal and strengthen. I have so greatly benefited from Mai’s coaching and support. ."


“Mai is knowledgeable, friendly, personable, and patient! I am not the best at following instructions, but she always takes the time to repeat instructions and correct my form. The classes are small enough where they feel like personal training but big enough to create an environment that motivates you. Lots of different equipment which keeps the classes and moves fresh!”


“Mai creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the studio. She keeps class fresh and interesting by creatively bringing in different workouts each session. The small group format allows you to get to know the other women in the classes and we always have fun!.”
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