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Welcome to the Crew

Getting started is never easy, but you made a big step in the right direction!

Mai Method is a female-only lifestyle, health and fitness coaching program. The goal is to find the method(s) that work for you, so you'll be able to enjoy the journey of health for the rest of your life. I'm here to educate, guide and support you throughout this entire journey, no matter your goals.


Please fill in the form below if you are looking for Group Coaching.

The next intake date is January 2024

Mai Method Group Coaching Application
How committed are you to reach your goals?
Other things are more importantDoing whatever it takes
What is your biggest challenge to achieving your health goals?
You understand that any progress you're looking for requires patience, dedication and consistent compliance to achieve?

Thanks for applying! I will contact you (text/email) if Mai Method 1-1 coaching is the best fit for you.

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