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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to try your services, do you offer free trials?
    Coaching: For private or group coaching services we do not offer any free trials. Group classes: For any group classes (in-person/online) we offer 1 free trial per person. Use the Free Trial link to book your session.
  • What are your prices?
    Coaching: The prices for the coaching programs depend on the length, added services and personalised goals. Please fill out the Coaching 1-1 Form to book your free discovery call. Group Classes: The 10 Class Pass is 2.100.000 VND and a drop-in class is 250.000 VND.
  • Can I pause my class pass or coaching program?
    Pausing your 10 Class Card is possible. Please inform Mai one (1) week before you are intending to pause your membership. If you inform Mai Method after the fact, we have the right to refuse the pause of your Class Card. Pausing coaching packages varies based on the type of program. Mai Method understands that circumstance change, so please contact Mai directly to chat about your pausing options.
  • I have an injury/health problem, can I still join a program/class?
    Mai Method always advises checking with a medical professional before you start any (new) exercise program. If you are aware of the issues and have received approval from a physiotherapist, doctor or other you are welcome to join. Coach Mai is trained to adjust the program/class based on your needs.
  • I'm new to fitness/working out, can I still join?
    Mai Method is for females of all ages, sizes and experience levels. The small group classes allow for more individualised attention and gives room to adjust the exercises to your level (if needed). Remember that with a supportive environment and a trusted coach, you can unlock amazing powers!
  • Can I wear training shoes in the studio?
    We have a strict no-shoes policy in the studio; you are welcome to wear socks (if you need to 'hide' your long overdue pedicure 😜). Not only allows this for a clean workout environment, but research has also shown that working out barefoot has many other benefits, including improved balance, agility, strength and stability! If you have a medical need to wear shoes, please inform Mai in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • How far in advance can I book a sessions?
    You can book a class up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • What is the latest I can book a session?
    The latest you can book is 10 hours in advance.
  • I forgot to book a session, can I still join?
    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a spot for you if you don't book in advance. Contact Mai through the Mai Method App to check if there are still spaces available. If there is a spot for you, you are more than welcome to join in.
  • If my class starts at 6pm, what time should I be at the studio?
    If you are booked in for the 6pm class, make sure you arrive a few minutes early as the class starts at 6pm sharp. If you are running late, please let Mai know (if possible).
  • The class is full, what can I do?
    You can join the waitlist if the class you wish to attend is full (max size 6). The waitlist allows you to join the class if someone cancels their booking. You will receive a notification and have 10 minutes to accept or decline before it goes to the second person on the waitlist. You can only use the waitlist feature if you book through the Mai Method App (Fit by Wix).
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, domestic transfers or international transfers. At this time, you are not able to pay online through the website.
  • Can I get a refund?
    We work with a no refund policy.
  • What is the Mai Method App?
    All Mai Method Crew have access to the dedicated app. The app allows them to book and cancel classes, message Mai Method directly and engage with the community. Coach Mai will post updates, challenges and announcements here.
  • How can I download the app?
    The Mai Method app is hosted by You must download the Fit by Wix app (available on all operating systems) and use the, by Mai Method provided, invitation code to set up your account.
  • How do I book a group class on the app?
    1. Open the Fit by Wix app (make sure you are logged in). 2. Click on 'Book now' (right hand corner). 3. Find the class you want to attend 4. Click on 'Book'. 5. Select the available date/time 6. Confirm your booking
  • How do I cancel my booking on the app?
    1. Open the Fit by Wix App 2. Go to 'Upcoming bookings' (or my profile) 3. Select the class you wish to cancel/amend 4.If you cancel within the cancellation policy timeframe, your class will be refunded. If you cancel outside this timeframe, the class will be deducted from your Class Card.

More questions?

Shoot us a message if you have any questions that we haven't answered on our website.

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