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Coaching Packages

Mai Method believes every woman deserves to embark on her health journey with confidence, support, and a touch of fun! Our one-on-one coaching programs are exclusively designed for females, using a holistic approach to create a warm and welcoming environment where you can thrive and reach your unique goals and needs. Our coaching will keep you committed to your health goals no matter where life takes you. Whether you're a new mom, a busy business professional, an adventurous expat, or simply seeking a better relationship with food, we've got you covered!


Get ready to experience the magic of Mai Method as you find your method & get to enjoy your journey!


1:1 Coaching

An all-in-one coaching package focussing on mindset, fitness and nutrition. With this coaching program, we take a lifestyle approach to your health journey with a balanced and flexible program tailored to your needs, whether you are a new mom, a busy professional or an expat always on the move.


Together we will find the method that will get you real results in a sustainable way.


Online Coaching Inclusions:

  • Bi-Weekly Video Check-in Call

  • Weekly coaching videos

  • Tailored nutrition plan

  • Goal focussed training plan

  • Motivational support and mental guidance

  • Nutrition and exercise (form) education

  • In-depth habit and mindset education

  •  Access to the exclusive Facebook Group & Knowledge Hub

Perfect if you need an easy-to-follow program with the support of a hands-on remote coach. All coaching packages have a minimum 12-week commitment. 

Training Programs

Want to get back into a workout routine, smash your personal bests at the gym, get your first pull-up, run a marathon, or participate in your first triathlon? 


No matter your goal,  I got you!

Mai Methods training programs are easy-to-follow exercise programs that will make you love your routine and hit your goals!​ 

Training Programs inclusions

  • Customised plan designed for your fitness goals

  • Monthly progressions and adaptations to your plan

  • Form checks and training education

  • Nutrition education (not personalised to your goals)

All coaching packages have a minimum 12-week commitment. 

Group Coaching

 Start your journey with a group of like-minded females and work towards your health goals with the support of the Mai Method Crew.

Group Coaching Inclusions

  • 12-week starter program

  • Weekly check-in and education calls with the whole group

  • Tailored nutrition plan

  • Training plan & ability to join Mai Method's Online Group Fitness Classes

  • Daily support through a Facebook Group or Whatsapp Chat

Mai Method's group coaching is perfect for ladies new to nutrition and fitness or looking to restart their health journey. 

Group spaces are limited.

Next round Jan 2024

Coach Mai's Method 

By starting your health and lifestyle journey with Mai Method, you can expect high-quality coaching services from a coach that is dedicated to finding the Method that works for you! 

Remote coaching

Online coaching allows you to retain the flexibility and freedom to choose your workouts' time and place.


Weekly check-ins to adapt your plan according to your current state. This allows us to discuss progress, goals, and potential obstacles. 

Custom plan

A tailor-made plan to fit your goals, training experience, constraints, schedule, and personality.  We will find your method.


A commitment of 12 weeks (minimum) to guide you to your goals.


Continuous motivational and emotional support beyond the standard training and nutrition plan. To help you organise your sessions, integrate your new eating plan into your busy (family) life and will facilitate the formation of new habits.


Prioritising your safety and results, your movements will be analysed with recorded videos, ensuring injury-free and effective training. 


Personalised nutritional support, including guidance, educational content, and custom calorie and macronutrient target, all tailored to help you reach your goals.

Personal Development

As a coach, I continue to train and educate myself through courses, attending seminars and workshops and learning from some of the best in the field. I keep myself up to date with the latest sport and nutrition (scientific) studies and use research data to provide you with the best possible methods to achieve your goals.

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